Shark Tank Raffle - Benefiting Ava Grace, 2 year old Critically Injured by Distracted Driver

My husband and I witnessed a car accident, caused by a distracted driver, that ended up critically injuring a two-year-old girl named Ava Grace. I have since become close with Ava's family and I have been doing my best to support them. 

When I shared a video about Ava's injuries, MANY of my fellow Shark Tank companies stepped forward and wanted to help! They have donated over $1,400 in product that will be given away via a raffle. 

To my SHOCK, one of them, Sleeping Baby, took it a BIG step further and donated $1,000 CASH to the family! So, on top of the raffle tickets sold, the family will already receive a minimum of $1,000 thanks to these GRACIOUS founders! 

Here's how you can purchase a ticket:

1. Purchase a raffle ticket at this link. NOTE: This is a link created by a local non-profit, Granting Grace Foundation, in order to keep the donation legal. They will gather the funds and we will see that they are given, in their entirety, to the family.

2. The winner will be chosen the week of April 1st. One winner will TAKE ALL! 

3. Prizes will be shipped from individual companies to the winner, within a 2-3 week time period.  


Here is a LIST of the values and PRIZES!  Please support these small businesses - yes, most are still "small businesses", even if they also appeared on Shark Tank! 

Sleeping Baby - $1,000 DONATION directly to family! 


SlumberPod -  $154.99 VALUE 

PolyGlide Ice Starter Kit - $289.95 VALUE

Good Hangups - $49.99

Hydroviv - $360

Slylde Handboards - $59

Bug Bite Thing 6-PACK  - Value $54.95

The Cut Buddy System - $11.99

Shower Toga - $39.99

StankStix, by GloveStix - $26.99 

Pandaloon - $40.00

Stress Free Kids - $20.00

Subsafe - $84.95


Spatty - $54.50

Psi Bands - $12.99

Custard Stand Chili - $100

Snarky Tea Bouquet - $97


If you would like to learn more about Ava Grace, see her updates or follow the difficult journey she has ahead, learn more on her on the family's GoFundMe page: 


All my best,